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    Since 1994 Learning in Style has provided a rich learning experience for newcomers to the Twin Cities community. Our emphasis at Learning in Style is on building literacy and citizenship skills in a supportive, affordable and respectful environment that is open to all who want to learn. In both mission and ministry, Learning in Style functions from within the charism, tradition and expertise of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and Consociates of the St. Paul Province. Classes are offered at no cost to students.

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LIS Students Respond To Laudato Si – Care Of The Earth Part 2 – Recycling

A Laudato Si committee of four staff persons continued to bring Pope Francis’ message of “Care for the Earth” to our students. Tira Berglund, School Recycling Specialist from Hennepin County told classes about “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle;” the county is promoting the three Rs. Everyone was urged to practice recycling at home, using the laminated handouts as reminders of what to throw away as “TRASH” and what are “RECYCLABLES.” Realizing the presence of plastics everywhere, we can recycle plastic bags, glass, paper, metal and other plastics. It’s a learning process.

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Student Stories Published



When the Minnesota Literacy Council (MLC) posted its annual request for submissions to Journeys 2016 this winter, nine students at Learning In Style contributed entries for the MLC’s consideration.  Some wrote about what they had experienced when they first arrived in the United States.  Some wrote about their families.  Some shared memories of their childhood in their native country.  Some expressed their hopes for a better life in this one.

Recently, we were very pleased to learn that all of the entries submitted by our students had been accepted for inclusion in this year’s edition of Journeys, which will be available by the end of May.


Congratulations to our published students, and many thanks to the MLC for providing Minnesota immigrants with a platform for their stories!   The latest Journey: An Anthology of Adult Student Writing can be ordered from their web site at mnliteracy.org.  Each of our authors will receive a copy.

Peace Pole Celebration 2016

Students, staff and friends gathered to celebrate peace.  Located on the school grounds, our Peace Garden is open to all.


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LIS Is On Facebook!

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 9.44.00 AM

LIS recognizes the importance of social media as a means of introducing ourselves to our neighbors and friends and a way to tell our story.  Please ‘Like’ us on Facebook and you will see how LIS is making a dynamic impact through education to enhance the lives of new immigrants.

LIS Received A Good Business Award


LIS is located in the Whittier neighborhood of South Minneapolis. The Whittier Alliance is dedicated to building a flourishing and distinctive neighborhood.  Their vision is to create a world class neighborhood.  Each year at their annual meeting the Whittier Alliance honors a local business. This year LIS was honored. We are proud to be part of this neighborhood!




Ricardo McCurley, Executive Director of Whittier Alliance presents Agnes Foley, LIS Director, with a certificate of appreciation.