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    Learning in Style follows the Minneapolis Public School Schedule. Our first semester runs from September 2, 2014 to December 19, 2014.

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    Since 1994 Learning in Style has provided a rich learning experience for newcomers to the Twin Cities community. Our emphasis at Learning in Style is on building literacy and citizenship skills in a supportive, affordable and respectful environment that is open to all who want to learn. In both mission and ministry, Learning in Style functions from within the charism, tradition and expertise of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and Consociates of the St. Paul Province. Classes are offered at no cost to students.

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Year of Peace at Learning in Style

Last May 29 Learning in Style celebrated a Peace Pole placed on the school grounds. Beginning a new school year, a Peace Committee of staff members formed to bring forward thoughts and reflections about peace with the students, to live a Year of Peace at LIS.

Teachers decided how to consider “Peace” with students. There were suggestions of phrases to use, a song to sing, class visits to the Peace Pole, of encouraging all to see and live peace now.

In the halls you may hear “Peace, Salaam, Shalom,” the song from the spring celebration. There will be thoughts expressed verbally and in writing of the meaning of peace to us in classes and, hopefully, among the students as they see peace every day as a reality in their lives..

The staff viewed a DVD, “In the Footsteps of Francis and the Sultan.” The enacted meeting of two persons holding different religious positions gave a paradigm, an historical example of peacemaking. We saw the visit of Francis to the Muslim leader and their respect and mutual exchange of religious views.

__________   _ ___________ _ ___________ _ __________ _ __________

Suggestions to the teachers to promote peace ideas in class:


If you go, go in Peace. It makes the flowers sweeter along the path. (Mike Dilan)

Peace begins with a smile.

Peace is our gift to each other.

I bring Peace to others when I __________________.

Peacemakers speak only well of others.

Peace is life-giving.  Peace is serenity, inner calm.

“Salaam” is given to all.

Peace is kindness, gentleness, self control, joy; it is inner strength and inner quiet.

I am happy for you. Be happy in the good fortune of another.

To bless is to speak well to another.

Peace comes when we feel accepted, understood, loved.

Peacemakers build bridges.

May Peace be in our hearts, in our world, in our universe.

Peacemaking hearts

“War destroys. Peace is the language we must speak.” (Pope Francis)

May Peace prevail on earth today.

St Francis’s prayer:

where there is hatred, plant love,                       where injury, pardon

where despair, hope               where sadness, joy                 where dark, light

Peace turns hatred into love, harm into forgiveness, despair into hope, sadness into joy.

 Sheet hanging on classroom door:

for students to write their words and phrases of Peace, add pictures

Example: 10 Top Secrets to Peace (Pope Francis)

Great Room windows:

Peace words; seasonal changes


saying on the board each week, followed by comments in class

singing once a month the PEACE song

taking a class to see and read the Peace Pole

end of year: a bookmark with Peace Pole picture and peace sayings of the year


{spoken or sung} Peace, Salaam, Shalom (used at the installation of the Peace Pole May 29, 2014)

“Let there be Peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

“Peace is flowing like a river              (adapted version for words)

Flowing out from you and me

Flowing out into the avenues

Setting all our peoples free.”

Mary Lang

Summer Vacation 2014

Learning in Style School is closed during the summer months. Registration for classes will start September 2, 2014.

Peace Pole

On May 29, 2014, Learning in Style School planted a Peace Pole.


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LIS Celebrates 20 years of Serving the Immigrant Community

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Our 20th year reunion celebration was a joy-filled time for all who attended. The following are some quotes from speakers at the celebration:

Learning in Style helps adult immigrant students reach their potential, and in so doing, weaves a fabric, a rich culture, where students will find their place.

LIS is a place of history – a history of persons, a history of successes and a history of partnerships.

LIS is also a place where dreams can take root.  Imagine the landscape of our civic community since LIS has been at this for 20 years — reaching out to our new neighbors and helping their dreams transform our own communities with their joys and hope.  The LIS students are models of strength and courage for the rest of us.  We are better people because of them.

A heartfelt thank you to our benefactors whose own ancestors’ immigrant stories of dreams prompted them to give with hearts filled with gratitude for the strength and courage of their ancestors.  And, thank you to our staff and volunteers who have made 20 years of dreaming possible.

Green Space in the City

In celebration of Learning in Style’s 20th year anniversary, the school wanted to have in view a picture that speaks to the place LIS holds in the midst of an immigrant population. The picture, GREEN SPACE IN THE CITY, is our choice. Metaphorically, LIS is a Green Space in the City. The Picture now hangs in the school’s Great Room. This is what the artist wrote about the piece of land that inspired her creation.

GreenSpaceThis picture is called “Green Space in the City.” because it represents a little woodland and prairie swag that is in the middle of a neighborhood in  St. Paul.  It is on the land where many Sisters of St. Joseph live.  Once it was overgrown with invasive bushes and vines and other things that were not healthy there. Community members cleared all that out and planted saplings and long rooted prairie grasses and Minnesota flowers.  When it rained, the water sank deep into the prairie grass roots instead of running into the gutters and sewers and then into the Mississippi River.   And when the flowers bloomed, the monarch butterflies came. Many little creatures live in this green space. If you look closely, you will see butterflies and bees, a woodpecker finding insects in the dead tree, a rabbit and other creatures.  In the upper right you will see the long prairie grasses and all around are the houses and neighborhood people enjoying the Green Space. Everyone needs a green space, especially those who live in the city.  Even if it is a little plant in a pot to care for.  Where is your green space?

Sister Ansgar Holmberg, CSJ, Artist

Some of LIS students viewed the picture, reflected on its message and wrote their impressions.

Ubaldo Reyes–Beautiful butterflies, tiny birds, mysterious cats, noisy woodpecker and friendly humans are neighbors.  They can live harmoniously.  They can compliment each other to share life.  They offer what they think the other needs.  They live together in a good way for a brighter future.

Noemi Yepez–In this picture I see a wonderful green space in the city and around many homes, a large forest.  People living in harmony with nature.  I like the colors in this picture—green, blue, yellow, pink, brown, orange and white.  I see homes, apartments and one store.  I see living things such as people, a rabbit, birds, bees, butterflies, a squirrel, cats, trees and flowers.  All signify the importance of caring for nature as a life.  It invites us to think and wonder about what we do every day for our homeland.

Sifaou Tagba–There are people, buildings and trees which give a clue of a locality.  This locality is composed of white people and black people.  There are flowers and grasses which make the neighborhood green and give a sense of nature.  There are birds flying in the sky, butterflies, bees, rabbits and squirrels enjoying nature.  All this gives meaning to life.

Bernadina Lopez–In the Great Room of our school there’s a new picture called “ The  Green Space in the City.” This picture might try to show us how important and necessary nature is in our life and to keep clean the city and parks and take care of the plants, flowers and trees because the animals survive there, too.
Across the park people live and enjoy the view.  They breathe fresh air.  They watch the beautiful night, blue sky and shining stars and white moon.  The air blows the cloud.  The animals play in the park.  It’s a very colorful image.  There  are green trees, brown, blue, yellow, white, red houses and buildings, the same sky, clouds, sun, moon or stars or flowers too.  The important thing is to keep green spaces for a safe world.